The leading topic of the Colloquium is: Inter- and Intralinguistic Contrasts

We invite all presentations adopting a contrastive approach to the study of language systems, language and culture oriented analyses, as well as, keeping pace with the latest trends, contrastively oriented text and discourse studies.

We appreciate both theoretical and empirically-based research papers adopting the contrastive perspective within the following areas:

  • particular subdisciplines of linguistics (morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicon, text linguistics and discourse studies),
  • new tendencies in linguistic research,
  • language-oriented contrastive culture studies,
  • contrastive media linguistics,
  • sociolinguistic analyses,
  • translation theory and practice,
  • analyses of specialized languages,
  • contrastive foreign language teaching,
  • research areas, results and expectations in parallel linguistic disciplines in different countries, cultures and language communities.

Date: 13 Sept. 2020 – 16 Sept. 2020 (13 Sept. 2020 is the day of arrival)
Place: Rzeszów University, Poland (address: ul. Prof. St. Pigonia 1, 35-310 Rzeszów)

More information about conference, fee and accommodation is inside this document.