Date: 11-14 July 2024


The Language, Culture, and Mind (LCM) conference series provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for dialogue and exchange in and between biological, cognitive, social, and cultural perspectives in theoretical and empirical studies of language and communication. As has long been recognized, no single discipline or methodology is sufficient to capture all the dimensions of language as a complex and multifaceted phenomenon, which lies at the heart of what it is to be human.

The theme of this jubilee LCM conference, the 10th in the series which will take place 20 years after the first LCM, is ‘Celebrating Linguistic and Cultural Diversity’.

We invite contributions in any area of interest to the LCM community from scholars and scientists in anthropology, biology, education, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, semiotics, semantics, discourse analysis, cognitive sciences, and neurosciences who wish both to impart their insights and findings, and to learn from other disciplines.

Topics include but are not limited to:
• New vistas in multicultural neurolinguistics / cultural neuroscience
• Language and brain development in multilingual environments
• Intercultural communication in multicultural settings
• Biocultural language science, evolution and the post-human imagination
• Language, culture and emotion
• Language and communication disorders in multicultural contexts
• Language contact, literacies and hybridization in the global digital universe
• Language, identity and ageing minds
• Linguistic discrimination, culture wars and the politics of language and culture
• Language in ‘post-truth’ discourses, infodemics, conspiracy theories and propaganda
• Preservation and revitalization of endangered languages and cultures
• Indigenous minority perspectives on language, culture, mind and identity
• Language, cultural and identity heritages of mixed-race individuals
• Machine learning, text analysis and Large Language Models
• Linguistic landscapes in multicultural environments

More information can be found at: HERE